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About Aluminium REACH Consortium

The Aluminium REACH Consortium was formed by cooperation between the European Aluminium and the International Aluminium Institute in 2005 for the sole purpose of assisting industry to comply with REACH. The secretariat for the Consortium is with the European Aluminium.

The Consortium comprises the major EU manufacturers, major non-EU manufacturers, EU importers and their respective affiliates. The Consortium is undertaking the compilation and assessment of all relevant existing studies and data necessary to prepare the Registration Dossier for Aluminium and will be collecting information form the SIEF members as well as sources outside the SIEF and is at present working to generate data to complete the classification and risk assessment needed for the REACH registration dossier.

We are also working to identify and evaluate downstream uses and exposure scenarios, and prepare the CSRs. The Consortium is providing human resources and administrative support as necessary to coordinate these efforts. Finally, the Consortium has been involved in developing best practices to help manage SIEF obligations in order to achieve these aims.